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A Story to Share

October 10, 2009

By way of introduction, I am a writer of Christian Fiction (let’s call it Supernatural Suspense), and I have a tale to tell.  The story you’ll find here is about the story I’ve written.  About how I wrote it.  About the challenges I faced and the tools I used.  It spans a five year journey that spawned a 95,500 word manuscript, of which I am very proud.  It, like this blog, is a tale I had to tell, as it would simply not remain quiet within me.

I appreciate any ideas, criticisms, and collaboration any reader may offer.  After all, a tale untold is like a love unspoken.  We writers know that is a road to regret.  However, we also know that the other road, the one to the left with the foreboding sign which reads “Professional Writer’s Market”, is daunting, demanding, and lined with failed attempts to traverse its long miles.  Yet we must tell…

Please, enjoy what I have to share.  I hope I may offer useful advise to fellow writers and look for your thoughts in return.  Thanks