About Me…

My name is Kris Rhen.  I’m over the proverbial hill in age, an exectutive at a large education company by occupation, where I manage the Interactive team (think web sites and internet marketing), and a hushand and father of two wonderful kids, as well as supporter of three neurotic dogs and one stinky cat.  I’m a born-again Christian by faith, and that manifests in my writing first and foremost. 

My interests include (but are not limited to) writing, reading, music (synthesis and composition), Christian apologetics, graphic design, comics (Marvel only, avoiding DC like the plague), game playing, and martial arts.

Favorite Movies:  The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Favorite Books: Besides the obvious for a Christian writer (Big-B!), Stephen King’s Gunslinger series

Favorite Muscal Group:  Too many to list, from Newsboys to Tangerine Dream


One Comment on “About Me…”

  1. David boyer Says:

    Hello, my name is David Boyer, author of six non-fiction books, one of which is the up coming book, Faith in Fiction, which will be a collection of interviews with edgy Christian fiction writers ,cozy mystery writers, crime/suspense writers, and special guest Anne Rice, who will give an insight into her new book and her journey back into the Christian faith. The book, as of now, is to be entitled ”Walking A Thin Line? ”Edgy Christian Fiction As A New Subgenre.”
    I think an interview with you would be a wonderful addition to the book, and if you might be interested, I would simply send the interview questions via email, you’d fill in your answers, send it back via email. Easy!

    If you might be interested in hearing more about the book, contact me here dboyer5950@gmail.com and I will answer your inquiry ASAP.

    God bless,
    David Boyer
    David Boyer is the author of numerous fiction anthologies and non-fiction books, one of which includes Indianas Got talent!, a collection of interviews with Hoosier natives who work within the filmmaking, fiction, art, and acting fields. David lives in Vincennes Indiana with his cats, Toby, Sissy, and Buckwheat, who help him ”edit” his manuscripts by jumping on his keyboard when he isn’t looking. He may be contacted via his personal email here dboyer5950@gmail.com .

    You are just simply amazing! It’s all that enthusiasm, determination and talent…it has to lead to success!!!
    -Roberta Lannes, author of Mirror of the Night

    ”Mr. Boyer is breezy, conversational, and pleasantly lacking in the stuffed shirt syndrome.”
    – Herschell Gordon Lewis, director of cult films

    ”Thanks so much for including me in your HORROR PRODIGIES AND LEGENDS book, David. It was so much fun.”
    – Anne Rice, author of Interview With the Vampire

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